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New Apparel and Gear Provider
CCA has selected Team One Newport as the new apparel, gear and accessory provider for members. Visit Team One's Store for new and traditional items as well as an extended collection of sailing gear and clothing choices. Click here to go to their store.

For burgees, please see The Sailbag Lady, below.

Name Tags!

Holly McDonough has taken on the task of look at various alternatives, and has made an arrangement with a name tag vendor which will allow any BOS member to order name tags and to have them shipped directly to you. This arrangement will avoid the more complex logistics of group orders which we have placed in the past. We have had several members, including the McDonoughs, order these tags as a trial run and they report that the process is simple and efficient.
To order the tags click here
A few comments about the ordering process:
  • The default fastener type is magnetic, but again you can choose from the drop down menu for the several fastener options.
  • The "Enter Names" box is where you input the name to go onto the tag.
  • Immediately below there is an option to "Select Title"  -  the drop down menu will allow you to select your station/post. If you do not make a selection here the order form will not complete.
  • Each individual person/order will be providing their own credit card and shipping instructions. 

The Sailbag Lady
Members can purchase burgees directly from The Sailbag Lady.


Extra Yearbook Copy
Members can purchase extra copies of the CCA yearbook via Team One Newport.