Bras d'Or Station


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The Bras d’Or station takes its name from the beautiful inland saltwater lakes where the CCA was conceived onboard Elsie in 1919. 

The lakes were named Bras d’Or (Arm of Gold) by French explorers in the early 1500’s.


2019 Annapolis Valley - Blomidon Inn event

January 19th dawned cold and breezy with a crystal clear sky….a perfect day for the annual Bras d’Or station get-together in the Annapolis Valley.  

First on the day’s agenda was hiking the trail at the Blomidon Provincial Park.  Gathering in the parking lot at 10:0 seven (7) intrepid Bras d’Or station members donned their gear and headed up the steep first section of the trail.  The hikers reported that conditions were typical for this annual trek:  icy on the steep uphill climb then snow cover on the plateau portions of the 12 km long trail….difficult but invigorating...

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