Letter from Boston Station RC Tim Surgenor

Boston Station Members

Happy New Year to all of you! It was great to see many of you at the recent Annual Meeting and New Members dinner which was held on November 16, 2017. During the dinner we were introduced to new members Murray Beach, Allen Breed, Dale Bruce, Zdenka Griswold, Michael Mariner, Joseph McGettigan, and Onne van der Wal. Christopher Museler was not able to attend due to a last minute conflict, but we hope to see him at a future event. Because the timing of this dinner was slightly later in the year than normal, one very new member, Steven Foraste, who had been elected just a couple of weeks previously, was also at the dinner. We applaud Stevo on his enthusiasm and enjoyed the opportunity to meet him as well. Each of these new members meets the high standards of CCA charter member Henry A. Wise Wood who wrote “let membership in the Club be a mark of achievement.” Congratulations to all!

After the new member introductions we held our station annual meeting. I am honored to report that I was nominated and elected as the next Rear Commodore of the station. My first act as RC was to thank Bob Morris for his skilled leadership of the Station over the last two years. Not only did Bob do a wonderful job running the Boston Station, but he also was an active participant in key issues at the club level. We owe him a debt of gratitude for his service. In my prior jobs as Station Secretary and Entertainment Chair I had the pleasure of working with Bob, as well as with former RC’s Steve Taylor, Kin Howland and Bill Cook. It has been a great fun to meet and work with many members of the Boston Station and its three active Posts, and I look forward to continuing to do so in my new role.

I am grateful to the other station officers and committee chairs of the Boston Station, who are listed on the station website. New appointments include Nick Orem, who has agreed to take over from me as Secretary and will be transitioning into that role this month. Dave Curtin will be taking over from Nick as Historian for the station. Chip Johns is now chair of the Sailing Committee and will be planning our Gams. Chip is also developing plans for a station cruise. Our three post captains are Frank Cassidy (GMP), Bob Rosbe (BUZ) and Steve McInnis (NBP). Thanks to all those who take the time to work on behalf of the station and the club.

The Boston station is very fortunate to have a large and active community of sailors, and a number of great events where we can come together. I hope that you will consider attending one of these excellent events. Next week we will be holding the station Winter Dinner on Thursday, January 25th at the Union Club in Boston. Thanks to Bill Cook and Ann Noble-Kiley who have worked together to arrange for us to hear from CCA member and Blue Water Award winner Michael Johnson. Michael will show slides of his 2013-2014 transit of the Northwest Passage in his schooner Gitana. This should be a great gathering and I encourage you to join if you can. We also have a number of opportunities for members to volunteer their time and talents to the club. Please contact any club, station or post officer if you have interests in helping out.

As you are well aware, the CCA has been spending a lot of time and energy lately examining the broader community of blue water sailors and the club’s unique place in that mix. There is now a page on the CCA website where you can view the results of a recent North American Ocean Sailors and Club Members Survey, as well as recently compiled information on CCA’s demographics. I would encourage you to take a few minutes and review this material. The web pages lists the members of the committee that is responsible for this analysis – please send any feedback or questions their way. https://cruisingclub.org/membership-survey-and-demographic-analysis

Please let me know if you have questions or comments about the station. I look forward to seeing you at a future event.


Tim Surgenor

RC Boston Station